Career Counselling looks at the individual as being a person with multiple potentials. In similar manner the world of work too is composed of a wide variety of careers, each drawing from a combination of potentials. We have adapted Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence (1983) to form a framework within which to understand human potentials as well as to classify careers.

Presented below is a brief description of 5 potential areas used in career counselling

The Linguistic Potential

This potential area reflects the fluency of language. It is the ability to manipulate words and expressions.

A person with a high linguistic ability is sensitive to the meanings of words, and has a well developed skill for using words effectively to communicate.

Example: Journalist, Lawyer, Teacher

The Spatial Potential

This is the potential that is linked to the ability to perceive, visualize and transform observations into concrete realities. It is the sensitivity to space and the ability to manipulate space at the two dimensional level or at the three dimensional level.

Example: Architect, Animator, Fashion Designer.

The Physical-Mechanical Potential

This potential reflects a person’s mastery over the motions and expression of the body. Careers that require stamina and strength also require the physical-mechanical potential. Example: Civil Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Athlete. In addition, the potential is also linked to the person’s mechanical ability. These are people who demonstrate an innate sensitivity to the laws of mechanics and are good at the use of tools.

The Analytical-Logical Potential

The person’s ability to think logically, analyse, understand cause-effect relationships and solve problems is reflected by the analytical-logical potential. Similarly the ability to extract information from a mass of data, make sense of this information, identify trends and patterns and make predictions, all rest on the analytical-logical potential. A wide range of human endeavor requires logical abilities.

Example:Chartered Accountant, Actuarial Scientist, Statistician.

The Personal Potential

A well developed sensitivity to one’s self as well as the capacity to understand others’ thoughts and emotions describe the Personal potential. These are people who can understand others and are attuned to the forces that influence and mound human behavior.

Example: Counselling Professional, Nursing, Social Worker

Jiva career counselling and career counselors use the Multiple Potentials frame work as a reference within which to help the career chooser understand self and the world of work.

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