1. If I find another person in my seat, I will:option1
2. There are times when I do pretty wild things, not caring what others will say,option1
3. In a lively group discussion, I readily join in and talk as much as anyone else.option1
4. I think it’s worthwhile to try to do a task even if I don’t have the right tools.option1
5. I worry whether I am doing the right thing when people leave me to do things on my own.option1
6. When my work is shown to important people, I prefer : option1
7. When I accidently hurt  someone’s feelings, I : option1
8. I take fast action when deciding a practical matter.option1
9. When I have a chance to show others a new skill I have learnt, I feel: option1
10. When someone I know and trust doesn’t keep a promise, I:option1
11. If someone gives me a threat, I:option1
12. Among my friends, I am known as someone who will:option1
13. I think my teachers understand me quite well.option1
14. I would rather feel my way to a decision slowly than decide quickly by logic or reasonoption1
15.When invited to a party, I am always pretty sure and happy that I will do the right thing.option1
16.I can stay cheerful even when things go wrong, option1
17. I feel it is important to:option1
18. Do you think you could easily become friendly in a foreign country where you don’t even know the language.option1
19. When I grow up, I prefer to be:option1
20. Do you think you are:option1
21. When someone calls me to defend him /her, I:option1
22. I think I have a good memory and alert presence of mind.option1
23. On a picnic, I would prefer:option1
24. I am usually careful not to hurt or annoy other people.option1
25. In my spare time I prefer to be:option1
26. I usually keep others from knowing how I really feel about them.option1
27. I would describe myself as:option1
28. Seema is about as pretty as Anu, but better looking than Jaya, Anu is not as good looking as Naina but prettier than Jaya. Who is the best looking girl?option1
29. I think there are not many students in my class, who will do better than me after we leave school.option1
30. When I grow up, I would choose to work in a: option1
31. I feel sure that people respect me and pay attention to me as much as they do to others.option1
32. In a class, I believe in keep on asking questions, until I am myself not satisfied.option1
33. I would like to go for swimming in a very daring swimsuit.option1
34. I prefer to :option1
35. If I were to disagree with my elders, I would probably:option1
36. When I think about marriage, I would choose someone:option1
37. When I start to do a job, everyone knows that I will finish it and do it right.option1
38. I make things tough for people who disagree with me. option1
39. I sometimes like to do really unexpected and startling things to people.option1
40. If my teacher ignores me in the class when I know the answer, I :option1
41. If I am having trouble with a task, I:option1
42.  I am best thought of as a person who:option1
43. In making decisions, I condider everything, even the smallest facts.option1
44. I never have hateful feelings towards my parents.option1
45. On a vacation, I usually:option1
46. 'COMBAT' means the same asoption1
47. Most of the days I feel:option1
48. I get mad when my friends don’t pay attention to my ideas.option1
49.’HOSPITAL’ is to ‘SICK’ as RESTAURANT’ is to:option1
50. In a game, when your team is in trouble, you:option1
51. Can you tolerate a lot of teasing without getting upset?option1
52. If all Roses are Daisies, and all Lotus are Daisies, which of the following is true:option1
53. Life seems to punish me by not giving me things I wantoption1
54. When someone tries to pick up a fight with me, I :option1
55. A man looked at a portrait and said, “brothers and sisters I have none, but this man’s father is my father’s son”. The person in the portrait was : option1
56. There are some days when I feel exhausted and unable to start anything.option1
57. I feel unhappy when someone else gets the credit for something I have doneoption1
58. “TRUTH” is the opposite of :option1
59. I can stay happy and undisturbed even when people criticize meoption1
60. If my classmates leave me out of a game, I:option1
61. Look at these five words: TRUST, RELY, LEARN, HOPE, BELIEVE. The word that does not belong with others is:option1
62. When things are going wonderfully , I:option1
63. I cannnot work hard on something without being disturbed, if there is lot of noise around me.option1
64. PART is to HALF as PARENT is to:option1
65. I find it easy to go up and introduce myself to an important personoption1
66. It’s hard for me to admit it when I am wrong.option1
67. When I am with my friends, most of the decisions are taken by me.option1
68. If my opinion is different from what my parents think, I usually:option1
69. I am considered by others as a stable and confident person.option1
70. Do you think it is likely that you will be rich and famous someday?option1
71. The glamour of any big national ceremony should be preserved.option1
72. I am not scared or shy of speaking in front of a large group.option1
73. One can say that I am pretty ‘choosy’ in picking up friends.option1
74. When our reason tells us that old customs and traditions are outdated, we should drop them.option1
75. I am able to concentrate on one task or plan for as long as possibleoption1
76. I would like my life to be:option1
77.It is easy to change people’s ideas by logic and reason.option1
78. While making my decisions I give more value on what is:option1
79. If I find out that someone has said bad things about me, I:option1
80. In order to keep comfortable privileges, most students give silly reasons and fool themselves to gain rewards from traditional rules.option1
81. I like to do tasks with variety, even if it involves a little bit of risk.option1
82. My ideas usually remain the same no matter what my friends say.option1
83. To get an interesting argument going I believe in gently telling people what’s wrong with their ideas.option1
84. When one small thing after another goes wrong, I :option1
85. When I am in a group, I spend more time:option1
86. Sometimes, I feel like starting an argument or picking up a fight with someone just for the sake of doing it.option1
87. I enjoy organising a social group, such as a club or a team.option1
88. When I know I am doing the right thing , I find my task easy,option1
89. While working on a job, I : option1
90. I enjoy going to social outings.option1
91.When a school has rules and regulations, do you feel these should be followed?option1
92. If my friends refuse to do things my way, I:option1
93. I hardly ever get impatient and angry with my friends.option1
94. I am easily lead into doing things that are wrong.option1
95. If I am asked to do a new and a difficult task, I :option1
96. Disturbing and troubling thoughts sometimes race through my head.option1
97. I am careful not to break the school rule, atleast not more than once or twice a year.option1
98. When everyone is watching me at work, I can work just as fast as usually without making mistakes.option1
99. My moods are not given to big “ups” and "down”option1
100. If I suddenly got a large amount of money, I would:option1
101. Does your appetite remain as usual while eating just before an exam?option1
102. I believe in:option1
103. Which of these describes you better?option1
104. When I decide things in a hurry, I do not regret my decisions..option1
105. In my next life, I wish to lead:option1
106. If everyone is doing something, which you think as wrong, would you:option1
107. I see many emotional dreams that leave me disturbed when I wake up.option1
108. I often get emotional and loose control over myself.option1
109. In school, I never have trouble with teachers because of misbehaviour.option1
110. My mind doesn’t work very clearly all the timeoption1
111. I usually keep my things neat and tidy.option1
112. If I were to plant a garden, I would rather plant:option1
113. Do people sometimes tease you for doing things just your own special way.option1
114. While choosing a career, I would prefer to be a:option1
115.Do you enjoy watching automobile racing?option1
116. While going on a group trip, I would rather remain:option1
117. Peaople say that I can always be responsible and can do things exactly and properly.option1
118. When listenng to music, I generally like:option1
119. When I do what I want, I find I am generally :option1
120. When something is bothering me a lot, its better to:option1
121. I worry about things that are not really important.option1
122. I thinks its silly to keep up with the latest styles.option1
123. People say, no matter what happens I stay calm and self controlled.option1
124. In school, I have (had) a keen interest in:option1
125. I tend to be quiet, when out with a group of friends.option1
126. when I have work to do, I usually:option1
127. If I will go for higher studies, I will take up :option1
128. I like to socialise even if I am not a prominent figure in the group.option1
129. When I read about great deeds, I feel:option1
130. If an adult scolds me, I am :option1
131. I would rather enjoy to have friends who like to be:option1
132. I am not very considerate of other people.option1
133. During the summer vacations, I would prefer to:option1
134. When I want something very badly, but don’t get it, I:option1
135. When our class or group prepares to present a play, I usually:option1
136. There are times that I get so mad at someone that I really feel like hitting.option1
137. In a discussion, I usually tell everyone quite freely what I think.option1
138. While playing a game, it doesn’t irritate me if others pass their comments.option1
139. I would rather live:option1
140. I can keep working even when there are things happening all around me.option1
141. Supposing you were a tree, would you prefer to be:option1
142. When something important is coming up, such as a test or a big game, I:option1
143. If I am asked to work for a charity, I would:option1
144. When I do poorly in an important game, I:option1
145. Do people ask you for advice on social matters, such as how to dress-up for a party?option1
146. When there is a big delay in something , I usually get jittery and decide to leave rather that wait.option1
147. I may deceive people by being friendly when I really dislike them.option1

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