PM Test

In this test, you are to draw lines on a page full of figures working as quickly and carefully as you can as shown below.

(1) Draw a line freehand all the way around between the outer and inner squares, and then

(2) Draw a circle around the dot.


Be careful

(1) Not to let your line touch either of the squares or the dot, and

(2) To make the lines complete, that is, go all the way around between the squares and around the dot.

The following would not get a point because the line either touched one of the squares or the dot, or it was incomplete.

Don't use a ruler to draw the lines. All pencil marks must be drawn freehand. Finish each figure completely before going on to the next one. Please note that erasers are not allowed in this test.

Your score will be number of figures with correctly drawn lines, so you should do this test as fast as you can without making errors.

Make sure you have a sharp pencil ready. If not, sharpen the pencil before you start this test.

You will have 5 minutes for doing this test.

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