Aptitude Tests

  • The tests in total would take 45-60 minutes to complete. Keep in mind the working time and number of questions of each aptitude test while answering.
  • Make sure you carefully read the instructions for each test before attempting it.
  • If the instructions aren't clear or you have any doubts, kindly call at +91-9919919038.
  • Keep a rough notebook and pen while attempting the test. You may use it as and when required.
  • Do not spend too much time on one question. If time allows you, then get back to answer it.
  • The aptitude test determines your strength and which area/course is best suited for you. Be assured that you are not expected to get every answer correct.
  • Take a break of 30 seconds after every test.
  • In all the tests, you will answer questions by choosing the best option among the several. Even if you don't know the right answer for a particular question, try to narrow down the choices as much as possible and then, mark the option that is your best guess.
  • The timings for SA and CL test are not disclosed.
  • To start the test, click the button below.
TestWorking TimeNo. of Items
VA Part - I4 mins.15
VA Part - II3 mins. 30 secs.9
NA5 mins. 30 secs.20
CA5 mins.20
MA9 mins.25
RA5 mins.12
PM5 mins.70

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