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Establishment of ‘Golden Future’  – Career Counselling in Lucknow is the result of strong belief of Mr. Shobhit Narain Agarwal. It was started in 2008 in Lucknow and today it has its own independent infrastructure. Through the years it has served several Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Government Organisations by Career Counselling and Soft Skills Training. Golden Future in Lucknow addresses Career Counselling doubts of class 10th – 12th standard students by providing guidance and information on career option to choose, subjects to study, undergraduate course to decide, Institute/ College to select, entrance exams, eligibility, qualification details, competitive exams, back up plans, career path flow and much more. We assess the potential of the student by interest aptitude inventory, psychometric test and parent child interview. It can be an individual or group session. Call to book a career counselling appointment in Lucknow on 9919919038. Click here to take Career Counselling test.

Career counselling Lucknow

Emma Thompson school

Career Counselling

The career counselling process is completed in four steps:

  • Understanding the Self
  • Understanding the World of Work
  • Career Preparation
  • Developing Career Alternatives      Read More

Career Counselling Lucknow

Training at Guru Nanak Girls Degree College, Lucknow

Training & Events

Our methodology revolves around Explore, Experience and Exchange. We design the Workshops by actively involving all the learning faculties of the mind viz visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Live educational public events like panel discussion, workshop, talk show, interview, book launch, anchoring services are also offered in Lucknow.

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My Life as a Career Counsellor

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