Personality Test – Teenagers


In this test there are some questions to see what interests you have and how you feel about certain situations. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers because people have the right to their own views. All you have to do is answer what is true for you.

Some sample questions are given below which you will answer for practice, to see that you understand what you have to do. There are three possible answers to each question. You should answer either "Yes" or "No". (or "A" or "B"), by clicking on the appropriate box. Click the last answer or "C" only when it is impossible to say "yes" or "No". Now answer the practice questions given below:


1. I prefer friends who are:
2. People say I'm impatient.
3. I like to watch team games.
4. I would like to be:

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In the test, you will find more questions like those above. As you answer the questions, keep these four rules in mind:

1. Give only answers that are true for you. It is best to say what you really think.

2. You may have as much time as you need, but try to go fairly fast. It's best to give the first answer that comes to you and not spend too much time on any one question.

3. Answer every question one way or the other. Don't skip any question.

4. You should click the (A) or (B) answer most of the time. Click the last (C) answer only when you feel you must, because neither (A) nor (B) seems to be right for you.

You can download the test result as a pdf after finishing the test from score card.

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