CA Test


In this test, you will see a word at the left side of the page, with parts of the letters missing. This "incomplete" word is followed by five "jumbled" words. You are first to use your imagination to figure out what the incomplete word is. Then find, among the five scrambled choices, the one that has the right letters to spell the incomplete word.

Look at the following example:

a. ehrsu b. recsu c. osher d. roesc e. rtose

You would first look at the incomplete word on the left and try to figure out what the word is. When you see that the word is score, you look at the five jumbled choices on the right and see which one contains the letters of the word score. The correct answer is d. roesc. None of the other four has all the letters in the word score.

Now try another example. This time click the correct answer in the box below. Work as quickly as you can.


a. rldead b. trlate c. cdtroo d. urldde e. urderd

The word on the left is ladder, and only choice a. rldead contains all the letters in the word ladder. Therefore, you should click in the box a.

The incomplete words on the next pages vary in length. There are no capital letters in any of the words.

Work quickly to finish as many items as you can. You will have 5 minutes for this test. If you are not sure of the right answer for an incomplete word, click the choice that is your best guess.

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