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JIVA Career Counselling in Lucknow


Most approaches to Career Counselling in Lucknow are based on principles that have emerged from Western societies.  JIVA Career Counselling is an Indian approach to guidance and counselling has been developed by The Promise Foundation.

JIVA Career Counselling is an activity based; facilitation way of guiding the young person to make self assured confident career choices in a way that fits in with their economic and cultural background. JIVA Career Counselling method has been trial tested all over the country with highly positive results.

More than 150,000 young people have benefitted from the JIVA Career Counselling methods developed by The Promise Foundation.

Meet our Career Counsellor Expert


He is an expert in career development theory, counselling techniques, administration and interpretation of assessments, and career information resources. Job search/ career attainment process is also a critical aspect of your career development, and therefore, Job Search Advising and Career Counselling are intertwined.

Grab benefits of Career Counselling in Lucknow

career counselling in lucknow
  • Career Counselling helps to understand self which in turn helps in determining a student’s true potential.
  • Career Counselor helps the student to understand the world of work, subjects to study, courses to pursue, universities to select, career definition, its projected scope for development, qualification, specialisations, places to work, job and such related guidance with best career advice
  • Career Counselling helps to develop career alternatives that are a set of two or three backup options.
  • Career Counselling helps to chart out a career path for the client which starts from where the career chooser is at present to the point where he or she actually enters the chosen career as a qualified professional.
  • Career Counselling helps you to discover your potential and plan your success.
  • Career Counselling helps to create motivated and passionate workforce that boosts productivity, guarantees higher returns.

What Does Lack of Career Counselling Cause?

best career counselling in lucknow
  • Confused about career? One could end up choosing the WRONG profession because of lack of guidance regarding future prospects and awareness about the available career choices.
  • Lack of career counselling can lead to dissatisfied and unhappy workforce which will hamper an employee’s productivity.
  • Landing in a wrong profession could lead to inability to perform and a person might question his own capabilities.
  • The consequences of a wrong career decision is not only limited to the client himself but extends to the waste of human resource, money and loss of crucial time.
  • Lack of career guidance and counselling can lead to unemployment after education due to mismatch skill set.

JIVA Career Counselling in Lucknow focuses on Four Career Development Tasks, Namely:

Self Understanding.
(Interest, Aptitude, Potential and Career Belief)

In Line with JIVA career counselling approach, the individual sessions are focused on self understanding, understanding the world of work, developing career alternatives and career preparation providing the best career advice.

career counselling

Developing Career Alternative.
(Guidance to minimum 3 back up career plans)

The client is then exposed to the world of work through activities and career dictionaries. Based on these inputs, the client and counsellor together arrive at 3 to 4 Career Alternatives through career counselling seminar.

Career Counsellor

Understanding World of Work
(Exposure to minimum 164 career options)

Qualitative & Quantitative information about the client is collected around the multiple potential framework using standardized aptitude test, interest inventories and interviews. Information about clients hobbies, accomplishments is also elicited. A potential profile is generated using the weight-age system.

Career Counselling

Career Preparation.
(Road map to career choice)

The career counselling seminar starts with time for inputs from parents/ guardians regarding the client’s academic background, hobbies, accomplishments and other personality variables. The rest of the time is devoted to interactions with the client.

Career Path & Report 

A career path is developed for the career alternatives suited to the client. The interaction ends with a parent meeting at which time the client’s potential profile & career alternatives are explained. Finally, a detailed careers report is prepared that provides information about the client’s profile, career alternatives and useful addresses for further education is prepared.

Individual Sessions of Career Counselling in Lucknow

Group Sessions of Career Counselling in Lucknow